Hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, and yes, even nuclear disaster! Yikes, that is some kind of reality that we are dealing with today! What can I do as an individual to make things better when I am dealing with natural disasters, and issues that are far beyond my control?

Naturally, as an individual, you can be a better person every day, perhaps, not get angry in traffic and let the ignorant just move on, because, let’s be honest, we have all been the ignorant at one time. My youngest who is 6’2″ and autistic, makes sure he says hello to every person he walks by. This is certainly a start for most of us and by doing this, we can at least touch one person at a time.

Now, as a business owner and/or manager, you can make an even bigger impact! As leaders, we have the opportunity to help direct the “attitudes” or “behaviors” of our employees, subordinates or contractors at least 4-8 hours each day. 

This means, directing behaviors of the person that, greets guests at the door, answers your phone, interacts with customers in the aisles or hallways, provides support to customers and vendors, handles administrative duties, handles maintenance issues, and has any contact with your clients or vendors. It starts from the top, and as leaders, we need to first, be the example, then make sure your culture of “being good when things are bad” is fully understood by anyone whom you have influence! Make it a part of your mission statement!

Heads of families and parents also have an opportunity to be the example to their family members and children by being the example and continuing the message to “be good when things are bad”! 

We can’t stop the natural disasters! We can vote, and always make sure our voice is heard, we can do what is needed to make this a cleaner planet, we can be better parents and we can be better and more influential leaders!